College Life

The UNC Bucket List (ongoing)

1. Ride a full circle of the P2P route
2. Play in the fountain at Bynum Circle
3. Explore Wilson Library’s Rare Book Collection
4. Get frozen yogurt at Yogurt Pump
5. Have your picture taken with Rameses
6. Drink from the Old Well on the first day of classes
7. Eat a cheddar-chicken biscuit at Time Out after 2 a.m.
8. Celebrate Halloween on Franklin Street
9. Pretend to fire the ROTC cannon
10. Eat lunch at the counter of Sutton’s Drug Store
11. Go stargazing in Kenan Stadium
12. Pull an all-nighter in the UL
13. Get covered in paint at the Holi celebration on Polk Place
14. Listen to the Pit Preacher and argue back
15. Sunbathe on Polk Place
16. Eat breakfast at Ye Olde Waffle Shop
17. Hula hoop at Weaver Street Market
18. Tweet at a UNC varsity athlete
19. Play a round of golf at the Finley Golf Course
20. Play four-square in the Pit
21. Get ice cream at Maple View Farms in Carrboro
22. Visit a professor during office hours
23. Visit the Duke Botanical Gardens
24. See a star show at the Morehead Planetarium
25. Complete a DTH crossword
26. Have a snowball fight on McCorkle Place
27. Climb the Bell Tower on Senior Day
28. Persuade your teacher to hold class outside on a sunny day
29. Drink an extra-large coffee at the Daily Grind
30. Become a member of Local 506 and see a show
31. Find and eat at the taco truck in Carrboro
32. Sit outside Memorial Hall at night and listen to a show over the loudspeakers
33. Climb the rock wall in Rams Head
34. Hang a hammock and have a picnic in the Arboretum
35. Run the stairs at Kenan Stadium
36. Watch the sun set from the 8th floor of Davis Library
37. “Borrow” cutlery and dishes from Lenoir
38. Crash a prospective student tour
39. Run or walk a 5k on campus for charity
40. Get tickets as a senior to the UNC-Duke game
41. Dance in a library flash mob
42. Walk across the Morehead Planetarium sundial on your way to Franklin Street
43. Get a letter to the editor and a kvetch published in the DTH
44. Attend at least one game for every UNC sports team
45. See (or participate) in the library streaking during finals
46. Attend a Zumba class at the SRC or Rams Head
47. Visit the basketball museum at the Dean Dome
48. Have a drink and listen to some bluegrass at Fridays on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn
49. See a movie hosted by CUAB at the Union
50. Play volleyball at a sand court
51. Grill some hot dogs at a residence hall grill
52. Sit on the Davie Poplar bench — with someone else
53. Play racquetball at Fetzer Gym
54. Eat a deep-fried candy bar at the State Fair
55. Swim some laps in the Bowman Gray pool
56. Stand on your feet for 24 hours with UNC Dance Marathon
57. Paint yourself blue for a football game
58. Trip on a brick in the Pit
59. Get a blue cup from He’s Not Here
60. Visit Gimghoul Castle at night
61. Fall asleep in a couch at Graham Memorial
62. Sing “Hark the Sound” and link arms with a stranger at a sporting event
63. Go to Duke’s campus wearing a UNC shirt
64. Watch a basketball game from the risers at the Dean Dome
65. Appear in an STV show
66. See a movie at the Varsity Theater
67. Pit-sit for a student organization
68. Go swimming in Jordan Lake
69. Take a weekend road trip to see fall foliage in Asheville
70. Head eastward and lie out on the beach in Wilmington
71. Eat traditional Southern food at Mama Dips
72. Buy flowers from the ladies on Franklin Street
73. Check out a book from each of the eight floors of Davis Library
74. Have a hot dog at the season opener at Boshamer
75. Make a gingerbread house in the Great Hall during finals week
76. Climb on the roof of a building on campus
77. Visit the N.C. General Assembly building in Raleigh
78. Play basketball in Woollen Gym
79. Feed a squirrel on campus
80. Participate in a football tailgate
81. Introduce yourself to Holden Thorp
82. Work on an election campaign for student government
83. Memorize the words to James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind”
84. Go to a Clef Hangers concert
85. Sign your friend up for clubs at Fall Fest — without his or her knowledge
86. Make money by participating in a research study on campus
87. Get a parking ticket and appeal it
88. Eat cheese fries at Linda’s on Franklin Street
89. Attend an “I Heart Female Orgasm” lecture
90. Paint a cube in the Pit
91. Read an issue of each student publication
92. Go to a UNC Board of Trustees meeting at the Carolina Inn
93. Eat one of everything off the menu at Alpine Bagels
94. Go dancing at Players
95. Attend a Durham Bulls game and buy a baseball cap
96. Peruse the ties for sale at Julian’s on Franklin
97. Win an intramural championship T-shirt
99. Take a walk across campus early in the morning before anyone else is awake
100. Rush Franklin after beating Dook — and run all the way there from the Dean Dome


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